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Why Do Some Couples Choose To Be Part Of The Swinger Lifestyle

Written By: Trevor Frances

It is customary for couples, especially the newlyweds, to try on something new on a date night. Watching a premier night showing of a star-studded romantic movie is great on a warm and peaceful evening after a fine dinner over a newly opened restaurant. The more adventurous type of couple would seek more and travel miles across next town and maybe stay longer in a resort, more so when there are no kids to attend to.

This day of modern technology has given birth to exploration of things in ways never before imagined. The biggest adventure a couple seeks may be just right behind the computer screen and can happen right at the comfort of the home. Swingers are often judged negatively but they claim swinging has improved their personality as well as their understanding of human nature. Take some time to reflect on swinging rationale and the shift to alternative lifestyle is waiting for you. Put to mind that some couples have done it and have experienced a new sense of fulfillment as partners in more ways than one. There is no harm in trying so visit the World Wide Web now and the swinger dating reviews will say it all for you.

Meeting the Swingers

“Meet other likeminded couples”

“Meet other likeminded couples”

There is an increasing popularity of the alternative lifestyle as millions of people worldwide practice swinging. The largest swinging site in the world boasts of several swinger resorts coupled by companies that organize swinger events. These are factors contributory to an even more fun and exciting swing adventures.

To better understand swingers, it is important to know their categorical identities. Based on studies made, the general characteristics of swingers are the following, not to mean you cannot be a swinger if you are not any of these:

Affluent members of the middle class and upper class
Constituents of the middle-aged group
Members of the white race
Have achieved a high educational degree
Have white-collar jobs
Good conversationalists

Hidden Answers to Being Swinger Couples Revealed

“It increases the level of passion in the relationship”

“It increases the level of passion in the relationship”

Interviews conducted and swinger dating reviews reveal several reasons why swingers do the things that others consider as deviant and socially unacceptable. In fact, it is even referred to as a form of cheating by many. Here are some of the common answers:

Exploring fantasies is out of harm’s way, even bisexuality.
The sexual freedom pays off for the stresses entailed by a successful career.
It is a reward for living up to what is expected by each partner.
Taking risks in other terms is thrilling.
The sexual satisfaction in swinging is much greater than in normal relationship.
It serves as an inspiration to be desired by more people other than the partner.
It brings about confidence when appeal extends beyond partners.

Swinging Starts with Knowing the Different Swinging Couples

“Go out, meet other couples and you might find a likeminded couple”

“Go out, meet other couples and you might find a likeminded couple”

Whether you are married to your partner or otherwise committed, engaging in swinging activities alive in swinger dating reviews involves physical connections with other people. The participation varies according to what is desirable to the swinger couple which ranges from interaction with a single individual to multiple couples and everything in between. Usually, adult partners meet up with other pairs with the intention of physical intimacy and lovemaking. A swing party makes a good occasion and your very own home may just be the right place. Know what activity fits before making the leap into the swinging indulgence among the various types of swinging as follows:

Exhibitionism: The behavior involves a desire to expose private body parts either for amusement, sexual satisfaction, or for astonishment. Sexual pleasure is derived from being watched while making out with a partner. The audience can be at least one person or more, friend, bystander, or stranger.

Voyeurism: The sexual interest lies in spying people engaging in an intimate behavior which may be during undressing, having sexual interaction, or any other activity that is supposed to be private. The subject of interest is not aware of being observed that no direct relation exists. In fact, secret videos or photographs may be taken. The act is often referred to as stalking in case of an obsession.

Soft swap: The process involves the exchange of partners dealt with minimally through kissing, stroking, and at the highest level, oral sex. There is a high tendency to get carried away which warrants a prior agreement.

Hard swap: The process involves the exchange of partners dealt with penetration. A soft swap can easily level up to this stage.

Group game: This signifies involvement of a shared plan by several participants usually ranging from four up. The common set-up is the participation of two couples of any gender.

Ménage a trios: This is popularly known as threesome and makes an equally popular method for swing starters. All participants interact altogether in bed.

Extreme measures: This is not a thing for a swing party unless a theme party is arranged beforehand. Spanking and bondage are the usual activities.

Bi-factor: The sex involves same gender interaction and is more common to women as male bisexuality is extremely rare. In fact, this kind of male activity is often frowned upon by swinging communities and as such, prior arrangement is necessary. In addition, a separate area is prepared for the purpose.

Seeking the Right Avenues on Swinging Indulgence

“Don’t rush into it – get a professional opinion if you want”

“Don’t rush into it – get a professional opinion if you want”

The first step to swinging is to figure out your fantasies and desires among the various types. Following the swinging rules comes next before moving on to the alternative lifestyle. Couples should seek consultation with any or all of the experts to ensure better understanding of the swinging community and the activities that go with it. Additionally, couples should be aware of the consequences it may bring about to the partnership, be it for the better or for the worse. The following persons may be consulted:

marriage therapist
sex therapist
professor of psychology
clinical psychologist
There are methods and tools appropriate to every married or committed couple that aid in making the relationship work for the longest time. Few of the several benefits include guidance through emotional minefields, areas of motivation, and creative trails in and around the partnership. This support and motivation provided by the experts greatly affect couples in a positive way and often, only the professionalism can help.
While it is maintained that these people are great advisers, this does not limit a person to seek advice outside of the mentioned mentors. In fact, swinger dating reviews may be informative enough if you know where and what site to visit. We tested swinglifestyle.com and wrote an in-depth SwingLifeStyle Review | We Tested The Site To See If It Was Legit. From our swinger dating reviews, you can easily make the right decision. Now, the ball is in your court and it is your own choice. Moreover, under certain conditions, just being yourself tops even the best of advices and it takes only a moment of reflection to heed to the call from within.

Do not just sit there wondering why more and more couples join the swinging community. The choice is there for you and your partner. Join the millions of people worldwide in engaging in the alternative lifestyle and open the partnership’s door to a new challenge and adventure. It may have been said, time and again, that nothing is ever too late but this remains: Nothing beats an early bird.

Top 4 Hottest Accessories for iPhone 5 in 2013

Written By: Trevor Frances

As an iPhone 5 owner, you might be curious to find out about the latest and hottest accessories available in 2013 for the iPhone 5. Luckily for iPhone owners, 2012 and 2013 have been a fantastic year with many creative unique electronic gadgets and accessories designed for smartphones. Whether you are looking for some interesting iPhone 5 accessories to get for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for a friend or a family member, you are going to discover more about the latest and greatest accessories and gadgets available to enjoy on the iPhone.

Top 4 hottest accessories for iPhone 5 in 2013

1. Pocket Photo Printer

Living in a world where everyone have either a separate camera or a mobile phone with a high-quality built-in camera, have you ever wished you could have your photos printed out instantly to capture important moments on paper? Now while you have your good old printer at home, it is too bulky to carry it around with you – especially on vacations which is when you may like to print out photos the most.

Now with the new portable pocket photo printer which can easily be used as an iPhone dock as well, you can easily have access to print your photos anywhere you are. Easy to use with a simple rechargeable battery, you don’t even need to have access to electricity in order to use them. So you can simply print out your photos while on the road.

2. Cool Creative Designer iPhone 5 covers

While iPhone 5 comes with a firm and sturdy metal casing built-in, you can still enjoy various creative designer covers based on your favorite hobbies, sports or even cars. From comic character iPhone cases, to especially designed covers for car enthusiasts, plus hundreds of unique abstract designs for an artistic and interesting iPhone cover design, you can give your phone a brand new look for a change.

iPhone 5 Accessories Survival Guide

iPhone 5 Accessories Survival Guide

There are even some websites where you can order your own personalized iPhone cover based on any photo you would like to choose. It can be your family photo, a picture of your dog, your favorite quotes printed on the back of your iPhone cover, and plenty of other creative ideas you can choose from.

3. iPhone 5 Document Scanner

While you always have iPhone with you, have you ever wished you could sometimes scan a photo or an important document inside? While normal scanners are heavy and bulky to carry around, the latest portable document scanners are a breeze to use.

Using long-lasting rechargeable batteries, this new unique electronic gadget is the perfect accessory to have next to your iPhone 5 – at home, in the office, or even on vacation.

4. Portable iPhone 5 Speaker Docks

While the latest iPhone 5 comes with a decent built-in speaker, the small size of it doesn’t really allow for a fully impressive sound quality – especially when you would like to listen to some loud music outdoors. The good news is, the latest unique electronic gadget will help you solve this issue.

Using the new stylish portable iPhone speaker docks, you can easily connect your iPhone directly to the dock and enjoy a high quality stereo music playback – at home, in parties, or even on the beach.

There is a huge hole in the iPhone 5 accessories market

There is a huge hole in the iPhone 5 accessories market

While more and more new accessories and gadgets are available every year for iPhone 5, you have discovered the latest and hottest additions that have become popular in 2013. So you can enjoy using them next to your iPhone for a better and more pleasant user experience.

10 Ways To Start A Conversation In A Bar

Written By: Trevor Frances

People go to clubs and bars for several reasons. They don’t just want to have fun with friends, but many of them also want to meet new people who they can date and perhaps spend the rest of the night with. Approaching someone is quite easy especially if you know how it’s done. Here are 10 ways to start a conversation in a bar:

1.) Be direct to the point

Individuals who are confident and who have guts can be direct. Approach the person and tell him or her that you’re the hottest man or woman in the bar. Confidence can be very attractive, but it doesn’t work for all. The other person may just find you to be overconfident.

2.) Tease the person

This is one way to show that you are confident and fun to be with. If you can easily joke around, you won’t have a hard time starting a conversation.

3.) Introduce yourself in a polite manner

It’s the easiest way to begin a conversation. Greet the person and say your name. If he or she smiles, then expect a conversation to start.

How to Communicate with Women

How to Communicate with Women

4.) Ask for advice

This can be used by both sexes. Asking for advice makes people feel that they matter. It shows that you value the person’s opinion. In most cases, you can expect the individual to respond to you.

5.) Comment on what’s around you

Look at your surroundings and pick anything that you can comment on. It’s a great way to start any conversation whether you’re in a bar, bookstore, or mall.

6.) Make eye contact

Starting a conversation doesn’t have to be done verbally at all times. Sometimes you just have to make eye contact with the person. Check the person’s level of interest before making a move. Just make sure not to stare; not everyone likes it.

7.) Compliment the person

Complimenting an individual is one way to show your interest. You can make a strong first impression by doing this. Be confident and approach him or her.

8.) Show your dance moves

It can be pretty noisy in the bar. You can easily attract a person by showing your dance moves. You have to be a good dancer for it to work. After a couple of songs, invite him or her to a few drinks at the bar.

9.) Look for similarities

If there’s anything common between the two of you, point it out to the person. It’s a natural way to start a conversation.

Talking to Hot Women Makes Men Lose Brain bar.

Talking to Hot Women Makes Men Lose Brain bar.

10.) Say the first thing that comes to mind

Don’t worry too much about he or she will react. Say whatever pops into your mind. Relax and don’t be negative. People like it when you’re confident.

Once you start a conversation, make sure you maintain it. Keep it light and fun. In no time, the person will find you interesting. Who knows, that person might want to know you better or even decide to sleep with you.

3 Effective Exercises That You Should Do In Your Home

Written By: Trevor Frances

Did you know that the best exercises are the ones that don’t perform? The question is: why are we hesitant to perform such exercises? There are two possible answers to this question;

We don’t know such exercises exist

The exercises could be so challenging such that we skip and do easier ones. Before learning the types of exercises that we ought to be doing, it is very important to understand that exercises are very healthy and we should develop a habit of doing them if we should attain our health goals. The basic and the most valued reason why people perform exercises is that exercises aid in weight loss. An understanding of the working of weight loss will enable us to understand how exercises can help us lose weight. A part from weight loss, exercises enables us to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The following three exercises should be performed by a physique conscious individual:

1. The front squats

Why you should be doing it

These exercises really help quad development. Most of us don’t do front squats because we believe they are uncomfortable and that there are easier alternatives. If you seek to add size to your quads, the front squads are a must.

2. The wide-Grip upright row

Why you should do it

The wide-grip upright row is a great deltoid builder if applied in the desired way. Doing such exercises with a wider grip is very beneficial to the health.

How to do it

Stand comfortably as you hold a barbell in front of thighs while your arms are fully extended. The hands should be outside the shoulder width. With the knees slightly bent, proceed by pulling the bar up the body while bending the elbows till they reach the chest height. While lifting the bar, the shoulders should not shrug up but instead they should be kept depressed so that the tension in the delts can be maintained.

Even though you might want to minimize the time you spend at the gym, you can still maximize your workout with some high-intensity intervals

Even though you might want to minimize the time you spend at the gym, you can still maximize your workout with some high-intensity intervals

3. Good morning

Why we should be doing it.

This is another type of effective exercise that most people tend to overlook. This exercise targets the larger posterior chain muscles i.e. the hamstrings, the glutes and the paraspinals. Performing these exercises will enable us to improve the strength in lifts as well as reduce the chances of lower back injury.

How to performing good morning exercises in your home

Stand comfortably with shoulder-width to feet hip a part and as you hold a barbell (light barbell) across the upper traps. While keeping the back flat and each knee slightly bent, proceed by bending your hips back so that your torso is lowered towards the ground. When the torso reaches a height that is parallel with the ground, reverse your motion so that your body returns to a standing position.

Physical Fitness Is Necessary For Women

Physical Fitness Is Necessary For Women

The bottom line

From the above facts, it is evident that all the above exercises are cheap since it does not require us to purchase any sophisticated equipment. Similarly, we can do the exercises at our homes and there is no need to visit any gym or fitness center. Make an effort of doing them today and you will feel the impact that they will bring in your life.

5 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Your Money On

Written By: Trevor Frances

Everything seems to be becoming more and more expensive these days. The cost of living, coupled with inflation, plus the fact that there’s only a tiny increase in your income (if you get one at all) can spell frustration in so many different ways. As if that’s not enough, you find yourself adding more to your daily necessities, putting a dent to your budget. They all seem to be important; making it harder to distinguish between wants & needs. Which is why we’ve put together 5 of the things you’re probably just wasting money on. Keep on reading to find out what they are.


Food is a necessity, eating out on restaurants isn’t. You can also include eating in fastfood chains and buying gourmet sandwiches which you can do yourself in the comforts of your own kitchen. We’re all for celebrating special occasions with family and friends, or giving yourself a treat once in a while. But if it happens all too often, then you have got to take a step back and make a list of how much money goes out in food alone. Don’t be so surprised if you arrive to a shocking number. That could explain why you’re having a hard time sticking to your monthly budget, after all. Our tip? Plan and make your meals at home. That’ll give you a chance to brush up on your cooking skills. And you’ll be surprised at how much you’re going to save that way.


If you can’t stop yourself from purchasing magazines, at least be smart about it. Who doesn’t love a good read on glossy print? To catch up on current events around the world as well as know the latest gossip on your favorite celebrities is something that is hard to resist. But if you catch yourself buying their issues every month without a subscription, think of how much you’ll be saving if you DO subscribe.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Marketing!

Stop Wasting Your Money on Marketing!


Hygiene is important, which makes toiletries important, too. But why is it in our list? If you keep buying them because the commercial said so, then you’re just making an easy target to marketing tactics. You think you need them but in reality—you don’t. And don’t get us started with travel-sized toiletries that cost more than they should. Why buy them if you can just put your regular shampoo in a small, unused bottle? Times like these, you need to be more efficient.

Broadband Speed Upgrades

There are a only a few people left in the world who haven’t had the chance to use the internet yet, and those who do use it for a lot of ways: Work, research, communication, entertainment, social network, academics, shopping, gaming, etcetera. If the need to be connected to the internet while on the go is that important to you, but the only reason for an upgrade is for watching videos or playing games—not official business, then that’s not adding value to your internet experience at all. That’s just plain wasting of money.

Stop Wasting Your Money and Start Saving for a Goal

Stop Wasting Your Money and Start Saving for a Goal

Bottled Water

Why spend on expensive bottles of water daily if you can just buy your own refillable bottle and fill it with water from home? Exactly.

Even if everything else is high-tech these days, the old saying still applies: Think before you buy. Be smart about your purchases today and ask yourself if you really need it, or if it has a cheaper alternative. Don’t be too quick in letting money go. Save, save, save for the future!

Tips On How To Balance Your Career And Family

Written By: Trevor Frances

Leading a balanced life is tough. You have to make sure that you balance your career and your family. Focusing too much on your career goals may leave you with lesser time for your family. That’s one thing you’ll easily regret in the future. There are sacrifices that need to be made so everything will fall into place. You can’t afford to have a successful career yet end up losing your family. Here are tips on how to balance your family and career.

Set your career and family goals

Start by knowing what your goals are. If you don’t know it yet, list them on a sheet of paper.

Get support from your family

You can only achieve your goals if your family, especially your spouse, supports you. This is how you can build a successful career, marriage, and family life.

Create a schedule where you can have ample time for your work and your family

Putting up a work and family schedule is good for everyone involved. You’ll have enough time for your work as well as for your family. This can make a huge difference in your life as you won’t be leaving anything behind. You, your family, and your career progress together.

Balancing a Per Diem Career & Family Life

Balancing a Per Diem Career & Family Life

Review the schedule with your family regularly

Times change and your kids may need you more often. Reviewing the schedule with your family on a regular basis allows you to make any changes when needed. It also makes your family feel how important they are to you.

Ensure that your family respects the time you’ve allocated for work

Make sure that you won’t be interrupted when it’s time for work. It’s only allowed when there’s a very important reason.

Don’t do anything work-related when it’s family time

Schedule appointments and even calls outside of family time. You may not respond to messages or answer phone calls. People will respect the boundaries you’ve set and will allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Plan dates with your children

Spend more time with your kids on an individual basis. You can play dolls with your daughter or go to a camp with your son. Even the simplest things can mean a lot to your children.

Struggle With Work-Life Balance Too

Struggle With Work-Life Balance Too

Go out with your spouse regularly

If possible, go out on a date every week. This is a great way to keep the marriage happy and strong. It can be a dinner, a movie date, or a boat ride. Focus on one another and catch up.

You can live a happier life if you manage to balance work and family properly. Take the initiative and make the necessary changes. You’ll surely be happy you did.